They say a photo is worth 1,000 words. My life of art and adventure has been, and still is, a wild ride.

In both fields, memorable projects and great relationships have developed over the years.

Alaska is home and the outer fringes of human habitation, my palette.

The photos below are "moments" in time, from a young artist and rock climber in California to high mountain survivor and older artist in Alaska's "Sweet Spot", Haines.


John in Antarctica

It all had to start somewhere!  My dad MAY have let me climb the great pyramid, but mammy said no way!

Mountain Guide Lee Harrell was my mentor.  He stressed safety first and could be ruthless if our minds strayed from the fact, death, or worse, could come because of a brainless move.  I am alive today because of his patience, which I've since learned, is essential when guiding.

Heading for Yosemite, creased knickers & mountain boots!  Goldline Ropes!  This had to be 1966

36 month's later, serious insanity had begun!  This route later became, "Astro Man".  I climbed this with Barry Bates.

An aborted attempt on the "Salathe' Wall", stormed the next day, happy to bail!

About then I was starting to experience the other end of the spectrum.

And way, way beyond!

And then there was my introduction to the art world, long, long before coherency.  I'm here with my father in his studio, he was already a very accomplished and successful sculptor.  During these young years I was already leaning tword flat art, painting was more "mobile".